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An online community for anyone willing to actively engage in the World Water Crisis.
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 Who We Are...

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PostSubject: Who We Are...   Sun Dec 27, 2009 7:06 pm

Hi, I'm Amie Hadaway. I'm one of the staff members and founders of Active Water. Over the last 3 years, I've really been heavily involved in running grassroots campaigns at churches, schools, festivals, and concerts. But last spring I took up running and ran my first 5K..which was huge for me as I never really cared for running at all (despised it) and clung to my bike instead Neutral But after just a couple of weeks, I found running to be a huge hobby for me and a great way to relax (ironically). Well, at least a great way to speed up passing out and clearing my mind of stress. So now I am training for my first 10K which is set for May 8th. I eventually want to get to the Chicago half marathon Very Happy

Anyways, I really love our organization and better yet, our mission. I hope that you enjoy your challenge too, and that you not only succeed at doing a whole lot of good for some really incredible people in Africa but that you also enjoy it so much that an athletic lifestyle becomes a part of who you are.
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PostSubject: running ...sigh   Tue Jul 20, 2010 9:07 am

I took some students to CIY and Know Sweat this summer and they have become super passionate about helping active water. They have taken initiative to start a group at the church that consists of church members and non church members to raise awareness for active water. I'm so proud of them! Anyway, I decided at camp I would open a challenge card along with my students to help encourage them. My card said raise awareness for active water and run a marathon. Reading your bio hit home with me because I hate running! I am not quite sure how to accomplish goal...I know I have to though to keep encouraging my students. Smile Well since you previously hated running I wanted to know how you started running and what changed your opinion about it. I need to start training and I am not sure how to start or what to do. All I know is that I will honor God and bring awareness to active water and what is going on in Africa through this challenge. Let me know if you have any thoughts to encourage me to get out there and run.
Stacey Gerhart Smile
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Who We Are...
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